Hi there,
I’m Giulia and I’m a freelance illustrator based in Italy

Growing up in Liguria, a region where mountains meet the sea, I have always been inspired by the unique landscape around me.
My childhood was filled with exploring nature's wonders, constantly enchanted by its beauty. Today, this fascination for nature is a fundamental part of my work.
I draw inspiration from traditional scientific illustrations, breathing new life into them with a modern aesthetic and great attention to detail. My illustrations are crafted using traditional techniques, primarily pencil on paper, and then digitally colored during the editing process. With every piece I create, I aim to share the beauty of the world around us. Thank you for joining me on this artistic journey.

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In my creative journey, I follow a well-tuned process that brings my illustrations to life. Think of it as my artistic roadmap, carefully crafted to take raw ideas and mold them into timeless artworks, one step at a time.

Step 1: Sketching Phase

This is where the concept takes shape. Using pencil and paper, I outline the composition, capturing the essence of the subject. It's a quick, rough draft, serving as the guide for the final piece.


Step 2: The Finished Black and White

In this phase, the initial sketch transforms into a black and white illustration, meticulously layered with graphite pencils. This stage allows me to concentrate on perfecting intricate details, achieving a level of precision that forms the solid foundation for the final piece.

Step 3: Coloring & Delivery

After scanning the hand-drawn black and white illustration, I shift to my trusted iPad. Here, I add layers of colors, shadows, and highlights digitally. This provides me with the flexibility to easily accommodate changes and client requests. Once the coloring process is complete, the illustration undergoes a final review by the client. Upon their approval, the digital file is ready for delivery